Church Street


Church Street runs from the White Horse past St Martins and under the A14 towards Newmarket

The White Horse is my next door neighbour. It changed hands in March 2003 and is much improved. Old Pic (Sept 9, 1908) of White Horse when Gable Cottage entrance was just a fence

4x3 white horse 2.jpg (35048 bytes)

1955 Photo

My next door neighbour, The White Horse, is a pub with a lot of history attached. There was an inn on the site recorded in the Domesday Book, and the current name derives from the coat of arms of the local knight. Since the demise of the knightly realm, the current owners the Welford family took over in 1923 (though not continuously).

The pub even doubled as an officer's mess during the war, when it stayed open twenty-four hours a day. Rumours that regulars still keep these hours are unfounded.

The walk goes along Church Street ...........  1955 Photo If you get mail from me it was probably posted in this 100 year old box
to the The Rosery Hotel, ..with interesting houses opposite
To St Martin's Church Opposite which is this very small home
4x3 st martins.jpg (11938 bytes) The tour continues through St Martin's Churchyard
St Martin's Church is on the corner with Duck Lane  
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