Oxford Street


Oxford Street is the main "shopping street" in Exning -- though it does not live up to the West End street of teh same name!
It runs South/North from Swan Lane/Chapel Street to the Burwell Road/North End junction
This is a walk down the west side
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Noses pressed ........to a shop that was a florist, then children's' clothes......  [Photo: Chuck Bur June 23, 06] and is now a hairdresser.

1955 photo

with Exning Primary School  on the left    Ofsted Report

The "Chippie" has changed hands several times. Here awaiting a re-opening (Feb 2009) Interesting ventilation post at the Burwell Road/North End junction
View along Burwell Road (to Burwell)..... ...and along North End
Walking South back down Oxford street .... on the East side we have
The Flint Cottage (just in North End) The convenience store ("7/11")
This house was a former pub (sold in Feb 2009) The Interior Design shop .......
...... where I bought some lamps Cottages dated 1830
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along to The White Swan and the walk continues along Swan Lane

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